hurting before tomorrow’s here.

So, I missed an entry yesterday—but not much of importance occurred. I woke. I didn’t exercise, I needed to take a rest day. I did not have my cocoa, I had plain spaghetti for lunch and instead skipped dinner. I read. I napped. I wrote. I wandered through Mirkwood well until after 3 in the morning.

I also took a couple creepy late-night pictures.

Today was… no more lively than all the others, but here I am anyways.

Despite having stayed up well past the time I’d like to go to bed and despite having dutifully ignored my alarm this morning, I still managed to wake up before noon. Score to me.

I had my cocoa and I exercised— still only 12 push-ups, my plank went down to 48 seconds, and my squats went up to 35. When I plank, I shake a lot and that bothers me; I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong with my posture or if that’s normal. Obnoxious. I also figure I need to have some kind of post-exercise dairy, perhaps start putting milk in my cocoa or return to regularly drinking chocolate milk. (It’s good for the muscles, studies prove it!)

I don’t recall reading. Instead, I hopped right into writing for a bit.

I had lunch this time, omelettes. And while I ate, I watched Judge Judy.

(As I write this, I’m hearing Enya’s Orinoco Flow somewhere in the house and that makes me happy.)

And then I hopped over to a video for a crochet tutorial and began work on the beanie that mum requested. I have the top finished and tomorrow I’ll move on to rounds of puff stitches. There’s a lot of counting involved in this and I’m sure I’ve tripped up several times over, but I’m pushing ahead.

I also scribbled down a ton of notes to prepare for my quest to achieve kindred status with both the Inn League and the Ale Association. Wish me luck!

Then there was actually dinner tonight. (What’s that, two meals in one day?! Progress!) Breakfast for dinner— bacon, sausage, eggs and potatoes. Mmm mmm.

Finally… I absolutely have to go to bed on time. Because I need to get up early tomorrow and dress for real so I can take my sister to school, swing by the bank, and begin some job hunting. My anxiety is through the roof. I feel like throwing up, I feel like crying. I am absolutely petrified at the notion of leaving my home and walking into places to ask after any openings. How awful is that? It’s making my head hurt. But I’m going to do it, I will do it. Eughhhhhhhhhhh.

Let me head off to Middle-Earth now.



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