Again, did not fall asleep until much later than I would have liked and unfortunately did so without setting an alarm— but quite surprisingly, managed to wake up only an hour later than my ideal.

Exercises: I managed to upgrade to 12 push-ups, 30 squats and my plank lasted an easy minute and fifteen seconds. It’s sadly easy to tell that I’ve been out of work for four months because it’s only day two and my legs are absolutely killing me.

I read forty some pages, enjoyed my cocoa, skipped lunch again and whipped up a delicious dinner of chicken ramen noodles. Note to self: look up real recipes involving ramen noodles.

I worked on my crochet a bit more. I have the start of a blanket and the skein of my current color only had one more row left in it, so now I must put this project to the wayside until I find a new color that will blend well with the two I have in place now. But now that I have more hooks to work with, I can start on something new. I’m thinking of being ambitious and trying for a beanie.

I wrote. Not much, but enough. Still working on getting on the habit with that, and I’m unfortunately feeling tired around midday. I did not nap today! So maybe that will help matters.

I’m closing today off with some gaming. Hopping onto Lord of the Rings Online to conquer some deeds—today’s region is the Shire where I have some slugs and harvest-flies to slay, and some Innkeepers to assist. Then I think perhaps I’ll hop over to creep side and see if I can rank up my Warg a bit. Fun times, fun times.

Also, some peach soda.



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