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Simply getting out of the yard this morning was an adventure that required the great minds of two people, and at least one stretch of the ride to work was one big feat experienced through hyperventilation. Was not exciting one bit!

But I survived, and that part’s pretty exciting. 😀

The sun has been out for most of the day, warming everything up, and it’s all melted, for the most part, thank the goodness.

Now I’ve got a bowl of ramen noodles to heat me up, chocolate on standby, Judge Mathis in the background, and eyes are feeling like a nap soon.



It’s 2:58 in the morning, my alarm is set for 8 in the morning—and I’m tossing and turning because nerves have me wide awake.

I get to drive to work tomorrow, I’m determined to do so, and everything has practically been made of ice for the past couple days. I’m both excited and terrified about this prospect. I feel like it’s the day before a big presentation. I’m going to choke and die.

Finished another writing assignment, this time about SAS70 and SSAE16 compliant datacenters. Dare I even attempt to hope for better luck tomorrow? I finally had the bright idea to Google this site that I’ve been writing for. A mixed bag. Lots of people content with it, and lots of people shouting scam. Dismiss the people that were spewing racism and you got people that had their biggest beef with the low pay rate. But what if you don’t mind the wages? I don’t plan on making this my living. I don’t plan on doing so well at freelance writing that I can quit my day job—I’d burn out in a heartbeat! So that’s got the gears turning, but we’ll see how it goes. Only thing to do.

Also finished a character sheet and actually submitted it. I can’t even recall the last time that I was new to a board, let alone this new, where I know absolutely nobody. So that’s got me feeling like the new kid entering a school in the middle of the semester.

Does a bowl of ramen noodles count as a meal of substance?

Must. Sleep. 3:04 in the morning.

chocolately addicted.

More chocolate. Chocolate kisses, chocolate brownies, chocolate chip cookies. I don’t know why I’ve been so insane about chocolate lately. This screwdriver that I’ve been nursing is the only thing consumed today that has not been of the chocolate family. I should probably attempt to actually eat something of substance tomorrow. Note to self.

I wrote a 900+ word article about Far Infrared Therapy and earned $4.50. Yet another topic that I know absolutely nothing about, but I was fortunately provided with considerably more information. Better luck tomorrow. Also set up a business account with Paypal.

And now I’ve started yet another character sheet. Because that’s the way in which I roll.

“Mei can remember the first time that she ever saw Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.” She was an eight year old on a field trip, dressed so neatly in her school uniform and so proud of her new squeaky-black dress shoes—and she can remember staring at that painting, thinking that that’s exactly what her soul looked like. A great big mass of motion and freedom, great bursts of light, all bundled up into her tiny little frame.”


Snow appeared. There was a sheet of ice covering the front door. I can hear it all crackling in the air. Mom could roll down the car window and then have to break through the ice that was still covering the opening. In true Southern fashion, I’m overwhelmingly fascinated by it all. Yayyyyyyyy. 😀

Washed dishes.

Lots of chocolate.

I managed to write an article for $2.25, though most of which proved to be total BS because goodness knows I had absolutely no clue what I was writing about. Such is the way of things for aspiring freelance writers, amiright? I actually don’t know if I’m right, but better luck on the next assignment. Woot.

Also, I filled out another roleplaying character sheet. Double woot.

“She felt the knife cutting her feet and she felt herself slipping. She liked that it was easier to laugh when she couldn’t feel her head. She liked that it was possible to not feel alone for even just a short stretch of time. There were hands staining her skin, lights dancing behind her eyes, and some nights she dreamed that the cello played on its own, sinking into her and burying angels.”

I think it’s time for bed now. Gute Nacht.

honey dew.

Woke up, checked for snow—posted Facebook status about there being no snow—then went back to sleep.

Few hours later, actually woke up. Read a chapter. Morning ablutions. (That word has been all through my book; I needed to use it.) Read another chapter.

Workout today included choreography by fitness instructor Lauren Fitz, to be found on Youtube and pretty awesome. Dark Horse, which proved a surprisingly fierce leg workout, as well as Timber and Blurred Lines, both of which revealed my complete lack of rhythm. Much fun. Then it was an assortment of squats, jump-squats, push-ups, lunges, burpees, high-knees, etc—and I ended up leaving it unfinished. My stamina sucks. Better luck tomorrow.

Trying to build up my muscle. I’m not sure how to keep track of this.

I’m ruining it all with more chocolate. I needs chocolate.

Things to do: open a business account. Set up doctor appointment. Retrieve more pet supplies. More chocolate. Write write write. Wash dishes.

I can at least accomplish half of those today.

done and boring.

The bare minimum of order has been established. Trash trashed, yarn untangled, drawer organized, books set aside for donation, and I’ve consumed nothing but chocolate and soda all day. Now it’s been Facebook games, Judge Judy, cutting up Seventh Avenue catalogs, and my thoughts full of writing.


there’s a crust of ocean salt

outlining my mouth—

Sand cutting my feet.

—and he kisses the burn

of the wind from my cheeks.


Making things orderly today! Just gotta find where to start.